Eon Smartwatch build 23/2/14

So my PCB’s arrived the other day and after attempting to solder one up, I failed drastically on the LQFP48 package and completely screwed up my STM32 IC. After much frustration, I placed another order with RS for some more IC’s and picked them up yesterday. With much more care, consideration and solder wick, I […]

Laser cutting

Last Friday, I went to one of my lecturers asking if I could get some acrylic cut into some shapes that I’m using for another project. Being as helpful as he is, he asked me to send him the sizes of the pieces and a little picture to demonstrate each part. I decided in the […]

Eon Smartwatch 18-2-14

Today, I borrowed my friends bike to go down to the sorting office (6 and a half miles there and back!) and picked up my PCB’s that have arrived from Hong Kong! As per usual, I’m really happy at the quality from ITead studio and would happily recommend them to anybody wanting to get PCB’s […]

Watch PCB’s

With hope, I should be receiving my watch PCB’s next week some time. I bought them off Itead Studio (http://goo.gl/BxYS8h) as I’ve bought from them many times before, they have brilliant prices and have a pretty fast turn around normally! Knowing the PCB’s are on the way, I’ve also placed my order with RS for […]

UKESF – Imagination Technologies

In the first semester of uni, we had a fair few talks from the employment and careers section of the university, one of which was about applying for something called the UKESF Scholarship. After the initial talk, I didn’t think that I’d be suitable for a position on the scholarship, with me only being a […]

Frustrated internal reflection touch screens

Having been browsing the internet for quite a while on different touch screen technologies, I’ve been really interested in the frustrated total internal reflection technique of detecting finger positions on a screen, clear object (see:¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfdGF9yvkTM), It looks much more viable than resistive or capacitive touch screens for certain products as it doesn’t need the ITO […]

Arduino – Intel Galileo

Yesterday, one of my lecturers was kind enough to give me an Intel Galileo Arduino styled board to test out and have a bit of a play with. I managed to get some of the standard Arduino functions working, analog read, PWM and GPIO toggling. At the moment, I’m not actually particularly impressed, using standard […]