Phobass V Update!

WAHOO! Yesterday, my PCB’s came from the farlands of Asia (Thank you PCBWing and ITeadStudio). In the finest of condition as per. I’ve only so far had time to assemble the neck PCB but after writing a quick test program for my STM32F0, I can safely confirm that IT WORKS! Along with every fret, with […]

Phobass V Neck overlay

Having completely changed the method on which the Phobass neck works, I’m delighted to say that I can now use a dedicated overlay and using Zip Posters (, I’ve got a really simple design manufactured! Only a simple design, printed on sticky back vinyl. Thank you zip posters for your really fast service! According to […]


WAHOO! Today, the blog hit 1,000 views! Thank you all for spending your time and effort to read through my posts and I hope you’re enjoying them because there are many more to come! Harris

STM32F0 Tutorial 3 – Timers Pt1

On any microcontroller, timers are arguably one of the most useful peripherals, probably along with GPIO. What is a microcontroller without the ability to measure time reasonably accurately?! Timers on the STM32 series of chips are quite complex and will be spread across multiple tutorials, each hopefully demonstrating one useful section of timers. The tutorial […]


After much (not much at all really) consideration, I’ve decided to immerse myself in the world of multiprocessor programming using the awesome XMOS startKIT series of chips! As with a lot of IC companies these days, XMOS offer a really cheap hobby level kit to get used to their processors ( I bought mine for […]

Phobass V!

Finally, after a fair few months, big things are happening in the Phobass department! I’ve had a bit of a break from the development as the smart watch had taken my interest but things have recently swapped. I’ve completely redesigned the neck, made a new, sleeker menu PCB, along with modifying the motherboard to include […]