STM32F4 SPI VGA Controller

Well it seems all of my projects recently have been based around my LCD monitor! I think its just because its fun to actually be able to see the outcome of your work as opposed to just seeing a statement change in debug or an LED flash.┬áThis isn’t actually an original idea of mine, I […]

STM32F0 Graphic analyzer part 2.

To all who haven’t had chance to read part 1 yet, it can be found here. So! In the previous post, I designed a pretty simplistic graphic analyzer. I’ve since upgraded it to display the frequency range (dependent on the sample rate), along with redesigning the analog input stage. Playing a bit of Dillinger Escape […]

STM32F0 Audio graphic spectrum analyzer

What’s cooler (than being cool, ice cold? no…) than having the ability to view the spectrum of audio?! A few things I hear you say, to which I also agree. On the other hand, viewing the spectrum of your music can be a fun and “wow factor” way to show off how electronics can do […]

ShockSoc: The end of an era…

Well! I don’t know how on earth a year has passed since I became the ShockSoc vice president but its come to the end of my (not so) tyrannical (laid back) reign over the year long project and the fruit of mine, Justin’s and Richard’s loins has finally been brought to life! Today, Justin and […]