SSD1306 VHDL FPGA Implementation

I’ve been reading up as much VHDL as possible these last few days as I’ve recently found out that the majority of my summer is going to consist of writing it! After seeing loads of implementations for HD44780 16×2 character based LCDs, I couldn’t find any examples for the easy to get LCDs (by easy, […]

The HMCU-C Assembler…

With work looming over me (starting tomorrow infact…) I’ve decided to further progress my C implementation of the HMCU. As a bit of a challenge with strings, I decided to build myself a compiler. While its fun writing instructions in Excel, its a bit of a pain because you have to know your powers of […]

The HMCU… In C?!

You heard correct! I’ve written my HMCU as a virtual machine in C. I’m not actually a fan of the only virtual machine language I can think of off the top of my head – Java though I think thats more at fault to the syntax and way of programming, all that overloading, inheritance and […]