Eon V Smartwatch!

Well after months of waiting and designing, I’ve finally managed to build the Eon V smartwatch! Why its version 5, I’m not to sure other than other few that actually worked though five sounds good so I’m going to keep it. I came across a fair few problems with the implementation of this watch, predominantly […]

Eon Smartwatch – 80% completion improvements

One of my original sources of inspiration was from an awesome youtuber’s product (Dave Jones and his μWatch – Youtube: http://goo.gl/OjkGjg, the μWatch itself: http://www.calcwatch.com/index.html). This guy is absolutely brilliant and some of his youtube video’s are utterly hilarious! I’ve got him to thank for his brilliant video on product design on helping me design both the newer versions […]

Watch PCB’s

With hope, I should be receiving my watch PCB’s next week some time. I bought them off Itead Studio (http://goo.gl/BxYS8h) as I’ve bought from them many times before, they have brilliant prices and have a pretty fast turn around normally! Knowing the PCB’s are on the way, I’ve also placed my order with RS for […]