STM32F0 Discovery with the GY-GPS6MV2

Well! On another of my eBay whims, I decided to get a GPS receiver module. They’re normally relatively cheap (<£10 from the far lands! – Link will expire!) and are surprisingly easy to use. I’d found a fair few Arduino versions but couldn’t really find anything on how they’re interfaced. My module literally has 4 […]

STM32F0 Mini tutorial – Using the I2C peripheral to communicate with a HMC5883L digital compass IC

Well! I’ve had a fair few requests in the past few weeks about how I got the HMC5883L digital compass IC working with my STM32F0 discovery board (as shown in a previous post: I’m really not a fan of the I2C implementation on the STM32F0 discovery board as many things don’t seem particularly apparent at […]

STM32F0 Servo Tester

Sunday, everybody’s least favourite weekend day at the thought of having another 5 days until time is no longer scarce! I’ve been getting down to a fair bit of VHDL programming, one program I wrote recently was an attempt at a brushless DC motor. I managed to get the outputs 120deg out of phase but […]