128×64 eBay OLED display based on SSD1306

Finding cool electronic parts on eBay is great and buying them from asian countries is even better, one of these is an 128×64 pixel OLED display! (Example: http://goo.gl/4nL2eL)

I’ve got an SPI version of this display and with lots of help from the data sheet, I’ve made a library suitable for the STM32F0 discovery board, its quite easily modify-able for other boards of the STM32 series. My choice of IDE is Coocox so once I figure out how to get github working, I’ll upload the files! I’ll get a video up too for anybody who is interested.

I’ve also developed a seperate library for some standard functions such as set, clear or write pixel, draw lines in cartesian or polar modes, draw circles, ellipses, semi-circles and squares. This graphics library can be used with any of my LCD driver libraries (I’ve also developed a library for the PCD8544 Nokia 84×48 LCD’s).

6 thoughts on “128×64 eBay OLED display based on SSD1306

  1. Hey Bryan did you ever get the display (SSD1306) to work on the STM32f4? I am trying to get it to work on mine base on his example but no luck 😦

    1. Thinh, I have not had time to try but see Harris’ comment and update above. I’m working on some radio stuff at the moment and when I get this done I will have a go with it again.

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