UKESF – Imagination Technologies

In the first semester of uni, we had a fair few talks from the employment and careers section of the university, one of which was about applying for something called the UKESF Scholarship. After the initial talk, I didn’t think that I’d be suitable for a position on the scholarship, with me only being a first year. After a further talk about how there had been a small amount of applicants and how we could fill in the application, I decided to give it a go, not expecting much.

After filling out the application form an a small careers meeting with the university staff, I had a finished application that essentially summed up my past and present life of electronics with a but of future intentions too. With the scholarship, you’re allowed to apply to up to 4 companies and if none of them choose you for the interviewing stage, your application can get passed to other companies who are with the scholarship scheme. After not hearing anything personally for a fair few days, I thought that I’d just been an unsuccessful applicant.

To my surprise, I did eventually get one reply from a company called Imagination Technologies. They were one of my 4 selected companies and I chose them because I’d used their MIPS cores (in PIC products), along with their PowerVR products in my mobile phones! After further liaising, I decided to take the interview offer to work in the PowerVR section.

This was the first major interview that I’d ever done other than a small one for my work experience job back at GCSE. I live in Nottingham during term time and I had to get the train (3 hours!) down to Hertfordshire to their main office for my interview. The experience was really streamlined and their interviewing process was efficient and really quite settling compared to what I’d have previously imagined the interview to be like.

I personally however didn’t feel that I performed particularly well in the interview though so I didn’t have particularly high hopes on getting the scholarship (not a massive problem as I wasn’t really expecting to get it anyway!). Fast forward a few weeks (this was the beginning of December, FF to mid January), I got a reply from Imagination Technologies and to my utmost surprise had been offered the position that I’d applied for!

My future title over the summer will hopefully be a Video Software Design Engineer. As I’m also fortunate enough to get the UKESF Scholarship again, I’ll hopefully be able to sell my old Hitachi oscilloscope and get myself a proper DSO, along with function generator and working bench supply!

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