Eon Smartwatch build 23/2/14

So my PCB’s arrived the other day and after attempting to solder one up, I failed drastically on the LQFP48 package and completely screwed up my STM32 IC. After much frustration, I placed another order with RS for some more IC’s and picked them up yesterday. With much more care, consideration and solder wick, I managed to solder the tiny IC and now have a fully made up PCB!

In my haste to design and send off for the PCB’s to be generated, I made the mistake of forgetting to route out the SWO output for programming the IC. After some poor soldering, I seem to have managed to bring it out while shorting PB4 to PB3. With hope this isn’t a big deal!

For some reason, the board doesn’t like being programmed by CooCox directly so I’ve resorted to compiling the hex in CooCox then flashing it directly using the STLink software.


I’m kind of gutted that I didn’t manage to successfully design the PCB first time but I’m happy that the power regulation section works fine! Keep tunes for more info.

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