Eon Smartwatch completion!

So today, I woke up at the fresh time of 12:00am after some late night programming last night. I knew that my RS order should have arrived today and it did! This order had all the parts for Watch 2 in, along with the regulator I’ve used for Watch 1 (a pesky overpriced buck regulator at £2 a chip! I’ve somehow managed to blow 2 of these…). To my surprise however, the strap that I’d ordered off eBay has also arrived! Watch rev 1 doesn’t feature my through hole strap mounting design so its meant supergluing the strap on. This isn’t a big deal as all the other revisions will have the ability to fix the strap on without super glue.

Waiting for the glue to cure…


The final mounting positions!

The final product, complete! Ignore the wrong time however, I’ve not programmed it in a few days!

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