Eon Smart Watch 3!

Upon my return from my Central Europe tour (realistically – Belgium and Germany), I had the parcel everybody loves, A lovely little cuboid from Itead Studio! Contained within were my Eon Smart Watch 3 PCB’s, the ultimate model.

As with always, I set to building then pretty soon after receiving the PCB’s as they were the last to arrive.

The gorgeous 0.8mm Itead PCB, I definitely need to improve on my silkscreen placement however!

After fully populating the board, I plugged it into my laptop, as per and realised that it didn’t seem to be working! As per usual, I looked over all solder joints and checked over my eagle schematic and too my horror, on my STM32L model, I’d put a VDD pin where a VSS pin should be and vice versa, disaster!

Fortunately, the two pins were in close proximity and I should be able to make a small link using a bit of wire. Still annoying to have got such a petty problem wrong though. On the plus side, my 0603 soldering seems to have improved largely over the last watch and its looking much sleeker.

Nearly a fully populated PCB.

A good ol’ action shot side profile showing how much thinner this one looks than the others!

Adding an LCD into the equation, the PCB hardly extends past the LCD!

Hopefully, Watch 3 will soon be completed and I can start writing a better colour GFX library, along with adding cool features like shake-wake and bluetooth.

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