Phobass V!

Finally, after a fair few months, big things are happening in the Phobass department! I’ve had a bit of a break from the development as the smart watch had taken my interest but things have recently swapped. I’ve completely redesigned the neck, made a new, sleeker menu PCB, along with modifying the motherboard to include new features. I’ve also added a dedicated power switch. I’ve fixed the coding on saving and loading patches, along with adding a CPU usage monitor. I’ve been really excited testing out my new neck and it should allow for some really attractive designs including forming around the natural radius of a bass guitar neck, potential for vinyl overlays and a faster design with less processor power requirement. I’ve placed my order with PCBwing (the best and cheapest company I have found for larger sized PCB’s – and hopefully, my PCB’s should be here in the next two weeks!


The setup as of 28th June until I move back home.


A desk always looks better with some random oscilloscope waveforms!



Not forgetting my (once) trusty laptop and that utter piece of crap PL2303 serial to USB converter.

Keep tuned for more Phobass V updates!




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