Phobass V Neck overlay

Having completely changed the method on which the Phobass neck works, I’m delighted to say that I can now use a dedicated overlay and using Zip Posters (, I’ve got a really simple design manufactured!

Only a simple design, printed on sticky back vinyl. Thank you zip posters for your really fast service!

According to PCBWing, my PCB’s are 99% complete! Hopefully I receive them next week so by mid August, Phobass V will be at least partially made! I’m redesigning my menu code, along with various other parts too. Hopefully, Phobass V can be the last of them and I can start looking towards sale. I’m hoping to get the PCB’s made a populated in Asia then having the rest of the product made in the UK, unless of course a UK PCB fab can give me high quality well priced PCB’s too!

For those who are interested, I designed the vinyl using standard eagle polygons, printed to a PDF file and it was as simple as sending that file off to Zip posters!

Keep tunes for more Phobass related posts!

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