Skelecs: Part 3 – The build and the failure

I initially started the build a couple of days ago but after realising my inability to drill straight, I decided to invest in a drill press attachment for my hand drill. While its cheap and a touch flimsy, it’s worked up to now and has really helped with alignment of my holes, especially through parallel pieces of steel (e.g. the main frame section). I’ve also invested in a punch kit which has helped with starting holes off in the right places.

Obviously, the easiest part to start with was the front castor wheels, of course featuring the summer apples!

P1010877 P1010878 P1010879 P1010880 P1010881

I’d started to modify the main backbone of one of the skelecs when I realised a fatal mistake! After contacting the seller of my hub motors and being reliably informed that they have a 50mm shaft, I decided to buy 30x30mm box section which these hub motors would’ve been attached to. It was only today that I realised…

P1010882 P1010883
Fatality! The box was too wide for the wheel! 😦

This was such a let down! I’d gone to the effort of trying to make sure this wouldn’t happen at all and what happened? It’s the wrong damn size! I noticed this at the complete wrong time too, my mums partner who was going to drill me the DD shaped holes is going to be collecting the steel either tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday, no time for steel to get posted to me! My current plan is to get some 20x10mm box section to attach to the 30x30mm box section (on the inside) which will be interfaced to the hub motor. Sadly, the best stock sized box I can find is only a 1.5mm wall which seems a little thin but I’ll have to wait and see what is in stock locally!

Hopefully tomorrow brings more luck. On the other hand, atleast the castors fit properly and all seems good so far otherwise!

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