uHMCU Alpha 0.1 – Interrupts and improved assembly

Term is over! I’m free for another Easter so hopefully I can get a couple of blog posts done though I’m taking a trip to visit Chernobyl so my levels of irradiation might end up screwing up everything electronic… (lol.) Assembler The assembler I’ve been using previously had been written quite a while ago and […]

uHMCU FPGA Implementation

Having already designed the microcontroller in a simulation environment, I wanted to take it to the implementation phase. I’d previously shown an implementation of a timer in simulation so keeping the same test program, I wanted to make sure it worked in implementation! Firstly, I decided to replace the simulation ROM and RAM for IP […]

The HMCU-C Assembler…

With work looming over me (starting tomorrow infact…) I’ve decided to further progress my C implementation of the HMCU. As a bit of a challenge with strings, I decided to build myself a compiler. While its fun writing instructions in Excel, its a bit of a pain because you have to know your powers of […]