ShockSoc: The end of an era…

Well! I don’t know how on earth a year has passed since I became the ShockSoc vice president but its come to the end of my (not so) tyrannical (laid back) reign over the year long project and the fruit of mine, Justin’s and Richard’s loins has finally been brought to life! Today, Justin and […]


Only a quick update! So on Monday, I started my job at Imagination Technologies, wahoo! Not much to say really (more so that I’ve signed an NDA and don’t fancy breaching it), I’ve had a fair bit of trouble with my house but that’s not a massive biggy really, I should hopefully be moving in […]

Quadruped update

Me and my partner in design crime Richard have been quite heavily designing the Quadruped these past few days. After speaking to my tutor at university about funding, he brought up that I should mention the project in an LCF (Learning Committee Forum). Regardless, he said I should hopefully be able to get funding as […]