Quadruped update

Me and my partner in design crime Richard have been quite heavily designing the Quadruped these past few days. After speaking to my tutor at university about funding, he brought up that I should mention the project in an LCF (Learning Committee Forum). Regardless, he said I should hopefully be able to get funding as its a relatively cheap project, currently estimated £400 +/- £50.

As I’m sure nearly everybody will agree, what is a cool project without a picture so:


While at the moment, it does just look like a table, simulations in Creo show that the theory behind the project is sound and it should be able to support the weight of a human, along with all the electronics and other parts! The current movement speed is relatively slow due to the speed of the actuators (the actuators move at a staggering 5.7mm/s) so distance coverage won’t be very far but its definitely going to be a fun project!

Keep tuned for more information.

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