Eon Smart Watch – 13/5/14

Its been a long time since I last did an update about this but today was a great day for progress! I gave it a bit of a rest because my design was a bit dodgy and I forgot to bring out the SWO pin (PB3) but after more in depth research, it turns out […]

Eon Smartwatch build 23/2/14

So my PCB’s arrived the other day and after attempting to solder one up, I failed drastically on the LQFP48 package and completely screwed up my STM32 IC. After much frustration, I placed another order with RS for some more IC’s and picked them up yesterday. With much more care, consideration and solder wick, I […]

Eon Smartwatch 18-2-14

Today, I borrowed my friends bike to go down to the sorting office (6 and a half miles there and back!) and picked up my PCB’s that have arrived from Hong Kong! As per usual, I’m really happy at the quality from ITead studio and would happily recommend them to anybody wanting to get PCB’s […]