Phobass PCB’s

Today, using one of my favourite PCB companies ever, I sent off for my Phobass IV PCB’s to be made!

I didn’t get round to designing the “string” PCB as that will require much more though and I’m wanting to jump right into finally completing IV! I’ve also fully completed the menu system and at a final line count of ~2500 words, the Harris Shallcross – Phobass IV RTOS is nearly complete!

I’ve ordered 10 menu PCB’s (minimum order count of that PCB size) and they’ve been designed as a generic PCB that can take an LCD along with 5 tactile switches (up, down, left, right and enter). If I don’t somehow manage to consume all of them, I’d be happy to sell a few, maybe even fully made if there was a demand. Its also got connectors for an SSD1306 OLED screen (mentioned in a previous post) or a PCD8544 Nokia LCD.

Keep tuned for more updates!

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