Moving up in the STM32 world

So with the onset of the new Phobass IV Mk2 design on the way, and after further reading into the STM32F4 discovery board disclaimer ( which explicitly states that I can’t use their board in any of my products, I’ve decided to broaden my search to a suitable and easily dropped in PCB without having to design the micro controller directly into my PCB design. Searching my favourite website ever, eBay; I came across a suitable board ( – Link will expire, search STM32F405RGT6 board on eBay for reference) at the fine price of £17.58 (inc. p+p) which I call very reasonable as it has all onboard crystals, onboard regulators and easy pin access. Compared to the price of the IC alone at ~£9 (, I’ll probably be using the whole board as a drop into the Phobass motherboard. The slight increase in price (roughly about £4) will be worth it for the ease of design, manufacturing and programming. I’ve bought boards off this company before and have always been happy with the quality, data provided and speed of service. Even from Asia, it came in <1 week! Its also great that I can program is using either of my STM32Fx discovery boards using the onboard SWD breakout.

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