Phobass PCB disaster!

Oh no! After completing the mainboard PCB, it turns out that I’ve wrongly designed two sections of ther board, damn! The power section has one wrong link and the model that I made for the processor board is 0.1″ too small. I’m a little annoyed but fortunately, these problems can be relatively easily rectified. I’ve removed the trace that was wrong for the power section and re-routed it using some Kynar wire and for the processor board, I’ve used some Female to Male headers and these have done the trick to bridge the gap, I’m a tad annoyed that I didn’t realise this at the time but we all make mistakes and atleast they’re rectify-able now! There is also a minor mistake on the menu boards (which is quite annoying!) where The switches aren’t symmetrical around the middle. The 3 switches down the middle are slightly to the right (1mm to be exact) though I’m not AS bothered about this as i’m probably going to redesign that board so I can directly drop a PCD8544 LCD on it anyway.

Hopefully in the near future, I can have a video update of Phobass IV Mk2 though I’m going on holiday on Friday so its cutting it fine!

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