Phobass PCB’s

Wahoo! Today, to my utmost surprise, all the way from the eastern lands of Asia, my PCB’s arrived! Its been somewhat fast from PCB order to arrival (around 2 weeks, the standard time for an ITEAD order). I’m really happy though the silkscreen quality on the motherboard PCB’s seems to have deteriorated a bit. Regardless, I placed my order with RS last night and will be picking the parts up on Friday with luck. More so, I already had most of the SMD parts required from past Phobass ventures so I’ve managed to assemble the majority of the board. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the switching regulator IC that I needed for the Harris-Designed ® Power system. I’m really proud of the power design as it has a power switch (single push, not a toggle), along with the regulator required for the microcontroller powersupply, a low voltage cutoff and a 3.7v li-po charger, all in one! The input voltage can be between 4 and 6v too, though if the voltage is too low, the battery won’t charge.

I’m yet to start assembling the menu board PCB though it has been cut down. That comes friday!


Menu and Motherboard PCB’s



Cut down menu board PCB

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