It seems that life is most definitely on my side today. Apart from a couple of burns and an hour or two of complete utter frustration, I can happily announce that around 95% of Phobass IV Mk2 works! Slightly stupidly, I sent off for the new PCB a bit early (before I’d properly had a chance to modify the current one) so I’ve got a couple of things I want to add. On this current one though, I just need to drill a few holes and add the proximity sensor then all is good and complete, Wahooo!

No, I haven’t accidentally cut off the top horn of the bass; that’s where the menu components go!

As can be seen in the above photo, the two wires coming out of the bass are currently just used for charging until I get either a mini USB socket or a DC power adaptor socket.

A quick view of the menu components on the top horn.

With hope, I’ll be able to get a video up in the next few days, then revision begins (nooooo)!

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