For the first time in a good few years, I got my first order off Farnell! I had a bit of a ‘mare’ the other night as I realised that my soldering iron had broken and just as I was about to receive the PCB’s for Watch 2. So as my closest easy access and relatively cheap electronics shop was Maplin, I decided to search their website for soldering stations. After finding a nice one for £29.99, with an integrated LCD and temperature control, I placed and order for this to be picked up by me at their Nottingham store. About half an hour after I placed the order, they texted me saying the product was no longer available and that I should check my order status online. After checking my online status, I couldn’t see anything wrong with the order so I proceeded to ring the store and see what was happening. It was a complete rigmarole as I was passed from member to member and eventually told to ring the customer services for a full refund as I paid through Paypal. After ringing the customer services (a paid call – tut!), I was assured that I didn’t need to ring them at all and that I’d get a refund through asap. A complete b*llache if I’m honest!

I was pretty desperate for a soldering iron as I wanted to get started with my HMC5883L magnetometer so I was browsing Farnell for soldering stations and bought a really good one for £36! It had an LCD, integrated temperature presets, swappable soldering iron (in case I burn out the heating element), ESD protection and calibration abilities.

The soldering iron station sat in its box

Thanks to the brilliant service of Farnell, I placed my order before 8 o’clock and received everything this morning, wahoo! Along with the soldering iron, I ordered some STM32’s for the future watches.

The tip, workspace know as my desk with the new station set up!

The surprising part is that the two 1cm squared chips came in the extremely large box! Completely useless packaging for what it was but it was free so I don’t particularly mind!

If I had consistent orders >£20, I’d probably use Farnell over RS as it offers cheaper prices though having an RS depot about a 15 minute walk from my house is awfully convinient!

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