The Eon Smartwatch – Deux!

3 blog posts in one day!

So today, along with my Farnell arrival came the magical package from the far lands of Asia containing my Watch 2 PCB’s!

Choosing a black solder mask really brings out the PCB shine and makes the product look more professional already! For only $6 extra, I’d say its worth it.

This was the smart watch to feature an LCD connected directly to the board (PCB8544), along with testing whether Itead studio are happy to do custom outlines, testing my ability to solder 0603 parts, testing the new power system (which I can then use for any of my Li-Po powered projects) and trying out the new range of STM32 TSSOP IC’s.

Having soldered up the board, I struggled a tad with aligning some of the 0603 parts so they probably look a bit squiffy in the picture! Now I’ve got a new soldering station and some really fine solder, I found soldering the TSSOP20 package (with the same pitch as LQFP packages) much much easier and have got nearly perfect alignment on the chip!

As you can see, the alignment on most things looks pretty squiffy, it looks much worse in the photo than real life, honest!

Its also a little annoying that I placed the LCD mount holes a bit to close to the side as you can see above, one of them has snapped off, this isn’t vital, its merely aesthetic!

I was originally going to go for vertically mounted switches as with Watch 1 but after realising how hard they are to actually press in general usage, I modified the vertical mounted switches by bending the pins 90 degrees downwards, allowing them to be used as side mount switches.

This watch is a definite stepping stone to watch 3 which will contain a ton of useful features hopefully.

Including my test strap and no LCD!

Oh and also, I’m thinking of changing the name of the watch series so if anybody has any suggestions, please comment!

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