STM32F0 Discovery board with the MAX7219 8×8 LED Matrix

Well today has been productive! Here, I’m using my cheapo MAX7219 LED screen (cheaply available off my favourite website eBay:, link will expire!) to create a scrolling text effect! The font used is from my standard graphics library, originally from the Adafruit graphics library. I’ve modified the text size from 5×8 to 6×8 in the code to make it a little easier to read. Its currently blocking (as said in the video below) so you can’t do anything else while the code is blocking as of yet though its only a proof of concept as of now! My main aim next is to get two of these matrixes to make a 16×8 screen, considering how cheap they are! Its actually pretty easy. The whole LCD is stored in a 8×1 array of bytes where every bit in the bytes is a pixel. The text is then placed in an array and values are copied from this text array to the graphic array, 8 bytes at a time. As the index where the text is copied from changes, the text scrolls along the screen. This rate of change is defined by a constant sent to my text scrolling function and in the video, the text is shifted one value left on the LCD after 50ms of time.

And the video which explains pretty much everything above in <2mins!

The code is nowhere near complete and is in pre-alpha condition so I won’t be uploading it as of yet!

4 thoughts on “STM32F0 Discovery board with the MAX7219 8×8 LED Matrix

  1. sir i need STM32F0 DISCOVERY BOARD WITH THE MAX7219 8×8 LED MATRIX code can you provide i will be very thankful for this kindness…!!!

    1. Hey, unfortunately I’m not going to provide the code on the matter that its abysmal! It uses dynamic memory allocation which is always frowned upon in an embedded system. Its a relatively easy task but my code doesn’t do a good job of implementing!

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