Eon Ultra Smartwatch Update!

Upon my return to Nottingham, I’ve been able to go down to the local RS counter and order new parts! Those new parts were the final little nuggets required for my current smart watch – ESD protection diodes and a micro SD holder!

New arrivals!

I’ve been waiting all Christmas to get these parts so I was finally able to get moving with the final part of the project! I also received a new antenna for the GPS system on the front of the watch.

The SD card mount! I don’t think I’ll be buying this style again… its really awkward to open!

Satellites! Praise the new mini patch antenna!

On the generic Smartwatch front, I’ve also started the design of the Eon Micro! Probably my smallest design yet and will consist of a tiny 8×2 character LCD, driven by the standard STM32F030P4/6. I’m actually intending to just use this one as my generic watch so it will include two buttons and minimal functionality. I’m expecting the battery life to be ~7 days with minimal backlight usage so I’d like to think its achievable!

Keep tuned for more updates!

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