MSP430 Value Line – TI Launchpad

Well after feeling quite happy at my current level with the ST microcontrollers, I decided to learn a completely new and upcoming architecture – the MSP430 series of microcontrollers, designed by TI for low power applications. They have loads of features, including advanced timers, ADCs and a 16bit architecture. More info can be found on the MSP430 page itself.

For ~£10 (I actually paid £9 on eBay – Link will expire!), its really good value! You get two MSP430 microcontrollers, a few headers and a 32.768kHz watch crystal. I’m a right fan of Code Composer Studio too, already! I think its based around Eclipse so its quite similar to CooCox – which I used for programming STM32 stuff.

As I’ve never actually programmed for this architecture at all, I needed to learn how to do the majority of the basic things so I made a really simple interrupt driven GPIO example, along with writing my own GPIO library! Its really simple and only toggles between two LEDs but makes use of a fair few GPIO functions and has really helped me learn some of the simple stuff. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn some of the more advanced stuff and the MSP430 might even make an appearance in my next low powered watch!

Pre toggle! It even comes in a nice little antistatic box.

Post toggle! The interrupt is placed on the falling edge as the switch pulls down the input pin to ground.

The whole code can be found on my Github too 🙂

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