Upcoming 2016!

It has certainly been a stressful Christmas, 5 exams feels so much more than 4! I feel the extra exam is just a spanner in my revision works but hey! Medics get it a ton worse so how can I complain.

I’ve had quite a few requests with the MAX7219 8×8 matrix display, namely a graphic EQ (or the real name – a graphic spectrum analyzer) and re-doing the scrolling text example that I did a couple of months back. I’ll also be designing a camera board using the OV7670 and hopefully some more FPGA based stuff in the near future!

I didn’t manage to get as much done as I wanted of my personal work as revision really took over but I did manage to get a touch of Phobass done…

IMG_20160104_191021A tasty matte black paintjob!

At the point that I took this photo, it was still a bit tacky so it doesn’t look perfectly smooth but black certainly makes for a nice paint job! This Phobass should be much more professional looking compared to previous versions!

Keep tuned for the updates!

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