Anthrophex: Part 1 – The design

Half man, half (ant, beetle, grasshopper, cockroach…), the ultimate dream of creepy sci-fi locomotion. I’m sat here with a 6 legged centaur like image in my head, somewhat like the Scorpion King from The Mummy (exceptional 1999 CGI). Probably about the strangest intro to a post I’ve ever written but hey! It’ll do. This is […]

Swarmbots – Initial build and testing

Today, my Swarmbot PCBs arrived! I’ve put one of the robots together to get a feel for where everything would go and what it would look like so its not too pretty but it seems to be functional and I’ve got the robot working autonomously in obstacle avoidance mode using the front IR sensor. Build […]

STM32F0 – AnyPinServo Library

Servos are great. They generally work really well and contain all the control and drive circuitry for reasonably precise error free position keeping. Servos are interfaced through PPM with the standard generally being deemed as a pulse between 1ms – 2ms and a period of 20ms. I’ve written code before for the STM32F0 discovery boards to allow servos to […]

Skelecs: Part 5 – Getting there

To my surprise (as ever… I seem to surprise myself a lot with my timing), I’m coming to the end of making my Skelecs, within my time schedule of getting back to university (Tuesday). I’ve finished all the drilling and my mums partner has my steel and my plans for where to drill the DD […]

Servo tester part 2.

So! I decided that I wanted to properly test my servo tester (testing a tester… wuhhh?) so I bought myself some really cheap servo’s on eBay. When I say really cheap, I mean REALLY cheap! I spent a whopping £3.99 on a pair and that was with postage included (eBay Item: as per usual, link […]

STM32F0 Servo Tester

Sunday, everybody’s least favourite weekend day at the thought of having another 5 days until time is no longer scarce! I’ve been getting down to a fair bit of VHDL programming, one program I wrote recently was an attempt at a brushless DC motor. I managed to get the outputs 120deg out of phase but […]