Today’s advances

Today has actually been a really successful day! I finished the routing of Watch 3 and sent the gerber files to ITead Studio for them to be developed into PCB’s, managed to get my personal Bluetooth packet system working and had a tasty postal order through! One of the things that came in the post was my new STM32F072 discovery board. This replaces the current STM32F0 discovery board though I don’t think I’ll be changing my breadboarding platform any time soon! The main reason I got this board was to test out STMicro’s crystal-less USB. The crystal is a large space on the watch and the only reason I really have it on the board is to use USB functionality as with calibration, the on board RTC is relatively good, along with the fact that the watch will be able to sync the time through bluetooth.

The onboard slider is REALLY cool!

Not the best picture of the outline but this watch is certainly smaller than the others at a minimal 34.5×44.5x11mm, a total volume less than the original pebble!

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