Altera CPLD Development board and VGA test

A few weeks/months back, I bought a cheapo development board from China off WayEngineer ( and never really posted much about it!

I feel that I should’ve because its a really cool board for the price of it. I pair about £25 or so and it comes with so many features, mentioned in the previous post when I bought it ( As I mentioned in my earlier post today, time hasn’t been on my side and I’ve not had much time to do anything at all!

Regardless, I’ve written a simple code test which produces a square on the screen that bounces between the edges and corners of the screen. Its pretty easy to make and all the code including comments is 185 lines of code! The box changes colours as it bounces off the edge of the screen which is cool too. I’ve done a video demonstration of this so voila!

I’ve never used Github for VHDL code but hopefully it should work!

Github code.

As the development board comes with a 50MHz crystal included, creating the 800×600 VGA standard with a refresh rate of 72Hz is relatively easy as this requires a pixel clock of 50Mhz. I found the standard here for the front porch and sync timings.

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