Phobass PCB’s

Wahoo! Today, to my utmost surprise, all the way from the eastern lands of Asia, my PCB’s arrived! Its been somewhat fast from PCB order to arrival (around 2 weeks, the standard time for an ITEAD order). I’m really happy though the silkscreen quality on the motherboard PCB’s seems to have deteriorated a bit. Regardless, […]

Quadruped update

Me and my partner in design crime Richard have been quite heavily designing the Quadruped these past few days. After speaking to my tutor at university about funding, he brought up that I should mention the project in an LCF (Learning Committee Forum). Regardless, he said I should hopefully be able to get funding as […]

Maple Mini and CooCox

Last year, I came across the Maple Mini microcontroller ( which is an ARM based arduino equivalent that came before the arduino due. It really helped me jump into the world of arm controllers and I think that its a really great little board! Unfortunately, they stopped support for windows quite a while back and […]

Arduino – Intel Galileo

Yesterday, one of my lecturers was kind enough to give me an Intel Galileo Arduino styled board to test out and have a bit of a play with. I managed to get some of the standard Arduino functions working, analog read, PWM and GPIO toggling. At the moment, I’m not actually particularly impressed, using standard […]