Skelecs: Part 5 – Getting there

To my surprise (as ever… I seem to surprise myself a lot with my timing), I’m coming to the end of making my Skelecs, within my time schedule of getting back to university (Tuesday). I’ve finished all the drilling and my mums partner has my steel and my plans for where to drill the DD […]

Update 31-3-15

Well! Its been a long time since my last blog post. Its been a pretty hectic year so far with work and general life. I need to start training for the various Bladesoc marathons that we have planned (Le Mans and Preston!) so I’ve not had much blog time to do general electronics! So where […]


Wooooooooo! I hope you all had a lovely new year, where ever you are in the world! Just a big thank you to all of you for helping me reach 10k views! It’s great that people are so interested in Electronics and I’m really happy that people are hopefully finding my blog useful. If you […]

STM32F0 Mini tutorial – Using the I2C peripheral to communicate with a HMC5883L digital compass IC

Well! I’ve had a fair few requests in the past few weeks about how I got the HMC5883L digital compass IC working with my STM32F0 discovery board (as shown in a previous post:¬† I’m really not a fan of the I2C implementation on the STM32F0 discovery board as many things don’t seem particularly apparent at […]

Eon Smart Watch – 13/5/14

Its been a long time since I last did an update about this but today was a great day for progress! I gave it a bit of a rest because my design was a bit dodgy and I forgot to bring out the SWO pin (PB3) but after more in depth research, it turns out […]

Pedals, pedals, pedals!

As some of you might know, one of my main most favourite hobbies ever is playing bass! When bass playing and electronics mix, the end result is generally either the Phobass or bass effects pedals! I had previously made many pedals in the past and two were consistent additions to my pedal board but stupidly, […]