Anthrophex – Controller board 2

After the faults with controller board 1, I wanted to respin another controller board ASAP. These boards arrived yesterday and with a swift order from RS, so did a load of components! On the previous board, I was using a large STM32 device with many pins and driving the motors directly through level shifter chips. […]

The Neon Clock – Part 2

Today, my PCBs arrived, wahoo! Therefore I’ve been able to have a quick go at making my neon clock. I tested it in parts to make sure each section worked before putting it completely together. Unfortunately, my high voltage PNP¬†transistors haven’t arrived yet so I’m currently testing it with TO92 transistors in their place. Testing […]

STM32F0 Graphic analyzer part 2.

To all who haven’t had chance to read part 1 yet, it can be found here. So! In the previous post, I designed a pretty simplistic graphic analyzer. I’ve since upgraded it to display the frequency range (dependent on the sample rate), along with redesigning the analog input stage. Playing a bit of Dillinger Escape […]

STM32F0 Audio graphic spectrum analyzer

What’s cooler (than being cool, ice cold? no…) than having the ability to view the spectrum of audio?! A few things I hear you say, to which I also agree. On the other hand, viewing the spectrum of your music can be a fun and “wow factor” way to show off how electronics can do […]

Designing a 555 timer wannabe

As I’ve previously said I’m not actually very good at analog design – due to a mixture of not really being taught past the basics and maths not being my strong point! Nonetheless, I enjoy doing it and when the circuits I design work as I intend, its a great feeling of achievement, much more […]

Pedals, pedals, pedals!

As some of you might know, one of my main most favourite hobbies ever is playing bass! When bass playing and electronics mix, the end result is generally either the Phobass or bass effects pedals! I had previously made many pedals in the past and two were consistent additions to my pedal board but stupidly, […]